Instructions for mobile RBL credit card registration

Today We Know Instructions for mobile RBL credit card registration Bank is an Indian financial institution that offers credit card services. If you have a credit card issued by RBL, you may use their convenient mobile banking app to manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection. This article will show you, step by step, how to register your RBL credit card on the RBL mobile app.  After receiving your RBL Bank credit card, you must activate it. One’s PIN is considered activated once it has been set up for the first time.

Unless you set the PIN, you will not be able to use your credit card at POS terminals or at ATM’s. Continue reading to know how to activate RBL credit card. RBL Bank India is a private sector bank that provides a wide range of banking and financial services to Indian citizens through a number of user-friendly channels. Since its founding in 1943, this bank’s digital and manual channels have provided services to millions of customers. RBL Bank offers many types of bank accounts to eligible people.

RBL has created transaction platforms including mobile banking, online banking, and the usage of debit and credit cards to make banking easy, secure, and convenient.
Anywhere that accepts credit cards, such as online or in-store, an RBL credit card is a convenient way to make purchases and transfers. However, before making a transfer, the customer must register the card on the mobile app or net banking facility. Credit cards issued by RBL may be managed and registered in the manner shown below.

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 How to Activate Credit Card via Mobile Banking

Here you can find information on how to activate your RBL Credit Card by using their mobile banking app.

Here is where you can get the RBL My Card app.

  1. To use the RBL My Card app, please sign in.
  2. Activate your account services by clicking here.
  3. Pick the option to modify your PIN and click it.
  4. Put in the necessary information, and a new PIN will be created.

As soon as you’ve established your PIN, you’ll be able to use your card for any transaction.

Things required for RBL credit card registration

If you want to access your RBL credit card account via your mobile device, you’ll need to complete/collect the following steps.

  • Credit Card Number for RBL
  • Date of Credit Card Expiration (MM/YYYY)
  • Time and place of Cardholder’s birth
  • Phone Number on File
  • You need to have a working phone that can receive text messages.

Instructions for mobile RBL credit card registration

How to do RBL credit card registration on the phone

Login to your RBL Bank credit card account in a jiffy with these instructions.

  • You may get the RBL My Card app for your mobile device by searching for it in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Simply launch the app and provide the necessary access.
  • Please provide your 16-digit RBL credit card number now.
  • Please choose an end date below (Valid through).
  • Presently, the cardholder’s date of birth must be entered or selected.
  • When you launch the app again, you have the option of using Touch ID (Finger Print authentication) to sign in quickly.
  • Simply by clicking the REGISTER link, your information will be sent in.
  • The one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the cell device you entered during registration. On the next app screen, enter the OTP you were given.
  • To use the app with ease, you’ll need to enter the six-digit mPIN. Tap the SET mPIN button again and re-enter the mPIN to confirm it.
  • You may use your fingerprint or mPIN to access the app after the LOGIN PIN has been configured.

We’ve received your registration information and are processing it. The RBL credit card app makes managing your card from your mobile device a breeze.

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