How to activate Federal Bank ATM card for online transaction

Today We Know How to activate Federal Bank ATM card for online transaction. Customers with savings accounts at Federal Bank have access to a Debit Card service. Most recently, improvements have made it possible to regulate channels based on actual transactions, hence reducing vulnerability. You have the option to permit or forbid the use of various payment methods, including but not limited to NFC, online purchases, ATM withdrawals, foreign purchases, POS purchases, and so on. This tutorial will teach you how to activate your ATM card with a federal bank so you may make online transactions from the comfort of your own home, using either your phone or computer.

According to the new RBI regulations, your Federal Bank debit card may no longer be able to be used for online purchases. If you have never used your Debit card for online transactions, the bank may temporarily deactivate it and need you to manually enable it before you may use it.

If you are a client of Federal Bank and have a debit card that has been disabled for online use, you need not worry. You may enable online banking and mobile banking for your debit card at any time.

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Activate Federal Bank Debit Card for Use with Online Purchases

In accordance with fresh RBI regulations, your Federal Bank debit card’s ability to make online purchases may be revoked. A bank may temporarily block your Debit card from online use if you have never used it for such transactions, prompting you to take active steps to restore online access.
If you are a client of Federal Bank and you have a Debit card that has been deactivated for online use, you need not fear. You may enable online transactions for your Federal Debit card using net banking or mobile banking.

Web-Based Banking with Fed Net

  1. The customer must access Fed Net and go to the ‘Debit Card Services’ section, where they will toggle the status of their debit card.
  2. The following is a list of acceptable debit card numbers from which the customer may choose.
  3. The customer must toggle the following debit card features on or off and then click the “Continue” button.
  4. The client is required to provide the FedNet 2 FA SMS/ code and submit the information.
  5. In response to the customer’s ON/OFF request, a confirmation page will be shown.

Requirements for using an ATM card issued by a federal bank abroad

  • A User ID and password for online banking are required.
  • Your smartphone is outfitted with the FedNet app.
  • You need to have the mobile phone with the matching registration number on hand.

How to activate Federal Bank ATM card for online transaction

Your debit card may be used for online purchases in two different ways

  • With the help of the Fed Mobile app
  • Internet Banking at a Federal Reserve Bank

The FedNet Mobile App’s step-by-step guide to getting your Federal Bank debit card set up for online purchases

You must have the FedNet mobile app downloaded and activated on your device.

  • Bring up the Fed Mobile App on your mobile device.
  • Use your 4-digit login PIN to get in. You may learn how to reset your PIN if you’ve lost it by reading this page.
  • In order to access the app’s menu, please swipe left from the top of the screen.
  • Here, choose “Card management” from the menu’s available options.
  • You may activate or deactivate your card by selecting that option from the screen.
  • You may now enable “Online Transactions” by tapping its icon on the new page.
  • Simply click the “Yes” button to confirm your choice.
  • Key in your App MPIN. You may now make use of online purchasing after submitting the necessary paperwork.

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