Finding Your TJSB Account’s Condensed Statement

Today We Know Finding Your TJSB Account’s Condensed Statement. For those who have an account with Thane Jana ta Sahakari Bank and would want to check their balance or see a brief statement, these are options available online. Your bank account mini-statement is available on your smartphone, so you may see it without leaving your house. Here we’ll look at both online and offline options for obtaining a small statement for your TJSB account.

Thane Jana ta Sahakari Bank (TJSB) was founded in 1972 as a cooperative bank serving the people of Thane. From that time till today, the bank has been offering customers a wide range of services, including deposits, withdrawals, loans, and access to their money through ATM cards and the internet. As for banking, it has also embraced digital services. One of its foundational digital offerings is discussed here.

In order to offer timely and efficient financial services, TJSB account users may utilize digital channels including online banking and mobile applications. TJSB clients who have registered their accounts online have the option of accessing their account information via smartphone or computer. You may check your account balance and transaction history through SMS or at an ATM.

Every one of TJSB’s customers’ demands may be met by the company’s online and offline options. In order to look at brief bank statements, examine account balances, and do other financial tasks. Customers who have registered to utilize the secure banking services may avoid physically visiting the bank.

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Requirements to get TJSB Account mini statement

  • You must have access to and actively use the cellphone number on file with the bank.
  • Intact Smartphone Connection to the Internet
  • Identifying information for TJSB Online Banking.
  • Having a bank account requires you to provide your cell phone number.
  • To see your mini statement online, you will need to have access to internet banking.
  • In order to see your statement using the TJSB Bank Mobile app, you will need to sign up for Mobile Banking.
  • Your mobile phone must have an active SMS pack in order to receive the message.

Finding Your TJSB Account's Condensed Statement

How to get TJSB Account mini statement online

The TJSB account mini statement may be obtained in one of three ways

  • The use of short message service
  • Making use of the TJSB m-Passbook App
  • Making Use of TJSB Online Banking

Within this article, we shall examine each technique thoroughly.

Where can I find instructions on how to get my TJSB Mini statement through text message? (Without Internet)

  • Just start a new text message on your verified cellphone and enter: LAST3 SB XXX (where XXX is the last three digits of your account number).
  • If so, please forward this mail on the TJSB mini statement number 9870888210.
  • TJSB bank will send you an SMS in a few minutes detailing your most recent five transactions.
  • The current balance may be seen at any moment by sending BAL SB XXX.

Instructions for obtaining a TJSB mini statement through the TJSB electronic passbook

  • Get the TJSB E-Passbook software on your PC now.
  • Launch the programme and log in using your user name and passphrase.
  • Choose the E-Passbook icon on the dashboard to access your electronic passes.
  • Mini statements may be seen on the screen by selecting the account number and time period on the new page.

Mini statements from TJSB may be accessed via online banking

  • Go to banking/ on your mobile device or computer to access the TJSB online banking system.
  • After that, choose your account number from the drop-down menu next to Deposits on the main page.
  • You may return to the account number on the new page by clicking it.
  • Your TJSB account’s brief statement is now available for viewing.

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